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Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is the monitoring of the health of employees and carrying out ongoing health checks to ensure that they are protected and supported when working. Carrying out health surveillance will help identify any potential deterioration in health and risks early, and also support risk assessments (particularly when working with COSHH).

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Management Referrals

Management Referrals

Assessment with an occupational health practitioner (nurse, physician or advisor) to provide advice and support to the employer and employee, on how to either remain or return to work safely.

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Safety Critical & Fit For Work Medicals

Safety Critical & Fit For Work Medicals

Some industries require workers to have a medical assessment prior to them starting work on a particular site or role. This applies to various industries and roles, including construction and rail, as well as drivers and those working at height.

Depending on the role and the safety implications, more in depth and specific testing is sometimes required. ​

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Mental Health, Physio & GP

Mental health, Physio & GP

Support employees health and reduce absenteeism with counselling, physio and GP appointments.

Omnichannel, 24/7 access to the highest quality clinical support for emotional issues and expert guidance for practical issues to ensure patients feel heard and empowered to improve their mental wellbeing. ​ Includes a confidential support service to assist patients and their immediate dependents, with personal or work-related problems. ​

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Workplace Testing & Screening

Workplace Testing & Screening

Assessment and screening to provide preventative measures for employees, to mitigate against ill-health effects.

In certain industries, Health Surveillance is a legal necessity. If your staff are exposed to loud noises, any form of airborne hazards, if they work with vibrating equipment or they are exposed to skin irritants, there are specific assessments you need to conduct on a regear basis.

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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Assess the affect of lifestyle, family history and other predisposition factors on an employees health, to better ensure their long term health and performance.

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Workplace Training

Workplace Training

First aid, mental health first aid and manual handling – Train your teams to ensure compliance and provide care & support to employees when they require.

Support your team with First AidMental Health first aid and Manual Handling training and qualifications. Train your teams to ensure compliance in their roles and in the workplace, and provide care & support to employees when they require it.

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