Online Physio

Online Physio for employees with persistent problems, however severe.

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Fill in a self assessment

Answer questions about the current state of your health and any existing symptoms you have.

Talk to a professional

Discuss your ailments with a professional and together establish an action plan to get yourself back to maximum manouverability.

Monitor and improve

With an action plan in place, implement the changes you have been advised to do. Weekly catch up will allow for further questions to be asked and to ensure progress is being made.

Our severity levels to aide your physio programme and monitor progress

Good Health

You have no limitations to your movement nor aches or pains. You are able to carry out all the actions detailed in our onboarding questionnaire.


You have no major ailments, but you feel suspeptible to certain injuries or strains due to lifestyle and employment.


You have some musculoskeletal issues that are currently minor, but could progress to something bigger. Online video session with a PT will provide a path back to full health.


You have had a long term struggle with severe pain and limited movement. You are completely unable to complete one or more of the movement tests outlined in the pre-questionnaire.

Part of our proactive approach to employee resilience and wellbeing

Cost effectiveness of online physio

Without the need to travel to a studio employees can access physiotherapy without having to leave the home, office or yard. Advice can be sought after and received in a much shorter time to usual and treatment plans can be maintained even while travelling away from home. This part of our proactive 24/7 approach to continued employee wellbeing.