Occupational Health

First of its kind and first in class online occupational health solution.

Latus Health provides a full spectrum of occupational health services to keep your business protected and fit for work. Our online-first approach enables bookings, appointments, document handling and certification to all happen in one easy to manage place. Occ Health, sorted.

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Health Surveillance

Our Health Surveillance services are tailored to support your businesses specific needs.

Our health surveillance services are tailored to support your business’s specific needs regarding employee health checks. Whether you simply require our services as a supplement to your company’s existing occupational health department, an ad hoc screening process, or you require us to be your principal occupational health provider, our team will provide anything you need.

Management Referrals

Our management referrals can be the key to making sure employee absences remain at a minimum.

Our management referrals can be the key to making sure employee absences remain at a minimum. Ensure your business activities aren’t interrupted for too long by speeding up an employee’s transition back into the workplace after they have been absent. Protect your business and prepare it for future incidents with a management referral from our experts.

Innovative online delivery

We aim to deliver all of our appointments online through our Yodha™ system.

Online appointments provide three key benefits; an increase in efficiency for appointments per day, all patient ourcomes secured directly in our secure EHR system alongside each booking, and an easy to use tool to provide clearance certificates and show online compliance.

Occ health, sorted:
  • All bookings and scheduling done online
  • Adjust appointents up to two hours before the appointment time
  • Clearance certificates and medical notes made against each appointment and individual.
  • All data secure, no exporting or manual handling of data
  • No administrative / fire safety inductions required for clinicians
  • Real time translation for those that don’t speak English natively
  • Self s-gin-in for all employees to monitor and check their own records
  • All absence tracking handle