Mental Health

Mental health care for employees everywhere

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Answer our preliminary questions

We’ll guide you through our self assessment that utilises a mixture of clinically-approved techniques. Our additional questions ensure that our recommendations are precise, effective and unique to you.

We'll provide a path to improved mental wellbeing

Based on your responses, we'll put together a personalised plan that will mix online resources with one-to-one online consultations to aid you in reaching your goals and building healthy mental routines.

Monitor and assess

It doesn't stop there. Once people embark on their journey to improved wellbeing, we will check-in regularly and adapt the plan as time goes on.

A small price to pay for resilience & productivity

Cost effectiveness of online resillience

Sustenance, individual private health insurance and office space are all common items in an organisation's expenses that far exceed that of a workplace mental health package. Indeed, while the cost of some of these items can enter the thousands, we charge just £3 per employee for access to mental resillience training or counselling at any time.

Match with a therapist in hours

Match to a coach in just a few business hours.

500+ sessions delivered

Each one bespoke in nature, delivering a service tailored to the employee.

4.9 average user rating

Rolling historical average since the business launched.

Worldwide coverage

Our mental wellbeing coaches and consultants are based around the world, providing a 24/7 service so you can access support anywhere, any time.