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March is Save Your Vision Month

By 22nd February 2019 No Comments

The average employee spends up to 8 hours per day looking at smartphones, tablets, LED monitors, and flat-screen TVs. This overexposure to blue light and high-energy visible light can lead to eye strain, sleep problems, blurred vision, among other things.

You may think that having good vision means that your eyes are healthy… that’s not always the case. Not only getting your employee’s eyes checked regularly by a corporate occupational health nurse to ensure are safe to carry out your work, but also an eye specialist optician can ensure that you not only have great vision but that your eyes are healthy too. Getting an eye exam is the first step that you need to take to save your vision. In fact, routine eye exams are important for everyone, no matter what your age or physical health is like. Think of it as a regular check-up to ensure your eyes are healthy with no early signs of eye disease. Some eye diseases have no physical symptoms early on, so getting an eye exam is the only way to detect them and treat your eyes before your vision gets affected.

Save Your Vision Month TIPS

Turn your digital devices off at least one hour before bed. Blue light suppresses the secretion of melatonin which plays a key role in maintaining a proper circadian rhythm which is paramount for a good night’s sleep. If you have a delay in your circadian rhythm, there can be links to throwing out so many of your body’s function which has an adverse effect on your mood, your mental health, and your metabolism.

When you are using any device, make an effort to take a break and look away from the screen. Every 20 minutes, while viewing something 20 feet away would make a huge difference.

Maintain a comfortable distance from your device by using the zoom feature to see small print and details. This is a much better way than bringing the device closer to your eyes.

Adjust your device to fit your needs. We recommend reducing glare by adjusting device settings decrease the amount of blue light reflected from the screen.