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497,000 Workers suffering from a new case of work-related ill health in 2018/19

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What’s the problem?

Incorrect manual handling training can cause work-related musculoskeletal disorders which is one of the most common causes of injury at work (MSDs) which account for over a third of all workplace injuries.

Manual handling injuries can happen anywhere people are at work – on farms and building sites, in factories, offices, warehouses, hospitals, banks, laboratories, and while making deliveries. Heavy manual labour, awkward postures, manual materials handling, and previous or existing injury are all risk factors in developing MSDs.

Taking the action described here will help prevent these injuries and is likely to be cost effective. But you can’t prevent all MSDs, so it is still essential to encourage early reporting of symptoms.

What should I do about it?

Consider the risks from manual handling to the health and safety of your employees – this guidance will help you to do this. If there are risks, the Regulations apply.

Consult and involve the workforce. Your employees and their representatives know first hand what the risks in the workplace are. They can probably offer practical solutions to controlling them.

The Regulations require employers to:

■ AVOID – the need for hazardous manual handling, so far as is reasonably practicable;

■  ASSESS – the risk of injury from any hazardous manual handling that can’t be avoided;

■  REDUCE – the risk of injury from hazardous manual handling, so far as is reasonably practicable.


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