Health Surveillance

Our first-of-its-kind online remote health surveillance.

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We offer a first of its kind solution to occupational health. We start by assessing you and your employee needs. From there we will help set up a dedicated occupational health space at your work. From there, every appointment can be carried out remotely with one of our clinicians. Employees simply turn up, use our simple to use equipment with the guidance of a clinician and then instantly review their results online. Book employees onto appointments via our proprietary EHR system called Yodha™, monitor appointment completion and post-appointment reports, manage employee absences and ensure your organisation is compliant year on year.

One of the most common questions we hear…

What is Health Surveillance?

Health surveillance is the process by which employees are required to undergo frequent health checks, usually, for industries in which employees are regularly exposed to loud noises or vibration, solvents, ionising radiation, fumes, biological agents, dust or other substances that could cause harm to their health.

Target Audience
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Skin surveillance
  • Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)
  • Vision
  • Safety critical meds
  • Driver medicals
  • Forlift driver medicals
  • Working at height
  • Bilogical monitoring
  • Drugs & alcohol testing
  • Pre-employment medical
  • Musculoskeltal

Why Do You Need Health Surveillance?

According to government research, in 2017/18, £15 billion was spent on work-related injuries and new cases of ill health. Health surveillance allows employers to identify ill-health in employees early on and take any measures necessary. Health surveillance provides employers with important data that can help them evaluate potential health risks in the workplace and identify any lapses in health and safety control measures.

A health surveillance service can also help employees feel confident enough to raise concerns about risks to their health in the workplace and can be an opportunity to reinforce their education and training on the correct use of protective equipment and health measures.

Hearing test

Book emloyees on to appointment

Fill in the dynamic form on our proprieary Yodha™ health system that enables you to book specific tests for specific employees (repeat appointments will be auto populated for you).

Attend the remote appointment

Employees can visit a dedicated occupational health room on site, where we will setup dedicated equipment for audio, spirometry and musculoskeltal tests. A clinician will be available via video link at all times. Test results come through to us in real time and once the appointment is finished clearance certificates, post-appoinment reports and follow up actions are shared with the approriate statekeholders instantly.

Monitor and adapt

By having scheduling, health records and appointment notes all in one place there is no need for any manual tasks. Our system will automatically schedule repeat appointments as required, and organisation compliance, absence rates and more will be possible to review via the administrative dashboard. You can also review whether the services your organisation utilise are sufficient and working together to get the best outcomes for staff.