Management Referrals

Management referalls any time, any place.

Book employees onto appointments via our proprietary EHR system called Yodha™, monitor appointment completion and post-appointment reports, manage employee absences and ensure your organisation is compliant year on year.
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One of the most common questions we hear…

What is a Management Referral?

A management referral is a process by which an employee is referred to an occupational health provider by their manager if the manager is concerned about the employee’s health and their ability to perform their duties in the workplace. An occupational health provider will then offer your business objective advice regarding how to protect the health of staff.

If your business is suffering due to health-related employee absences, be sure to get in touch with LATUS Health today by calling 01482 633048 or by filling out our online form for a free quote. Our team of experts will be happy to help and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Why Do You Need A Management Referral?

According to the government’s 2019 health and safety statistics, 23.5 million working days were lost last year due to work-related ill health. A management referral offers assistance to both managers and employees by speeding up an employee’s transition back into the workplace after they have been absent due to job-related health concerns. This can reduce absenteeism from the workplace and ensure that your business runs smoothly while ensuring that it is prepared for future incidents.

Book emloyees on to appointment

Fill in the dynamic form on our proprieary Yodha™ health system that enables you to book specific tests for specific employees (repeat appointments will be auto populated for you).

Attend the remote appointment

Employees can visit a dedicated occupational health room on site, where we will setup dedicated equipment for audio, spirometry and musculoskeltal tests. A clinician will be available via video link at all times. Test results come through to us in real time and once the appointment is finished clearance certificates, post-appoinment reports and follow up actions are shared with the approriate statekeholders instantly.

Monitor and adapt

By having scheduling, health records and appointment notes all in one place there is no need for any manual tasks. Our system will automatically schedule repeat appointments as required, and organisation compliance, absence rates and more will be possible to review via the administrative dashboard. You can also review whether the services your organisation utilise are sufficient and working together to get the best outcomes for staff.