V-Health Passport™

Facilitating a covid secure journey back to normality.

V-Health Passport™

Facilitating a Covid Secure journey back to normality.


V-Health Passport™

'The Peoples Passport'

Making the switch back to normal business operations will be long, tiresome, and wrought with doubts and fears. One of the largest obstacles that employers will face is how to instil confidence back into their employees and minimise the worry of whether or not everyone is COVID free.

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V-Health Passport™

What is the V-Health Passport™?

A form of digital passport, the V-Health Passport™ is an effective tracking solution that can be utilised to validate a person’s covid status and ensure potentially contagious individuals cannot access communal places e.g. workplaces, airports, cinema’s etc.

Developed by VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE), the V-Health Passport™ is a pioneering piece of new technology aiming to aid leaders in their swift recovery following the pandemic. Assigning each user a unique VCode™, this can be added to a lanyard, fob, or smartphone to be efficiently scanned outside of the 2m safe distance to gain access or prove covid status when required.

How does the V-Health Passport™ work?

The steps to setting up your V-Health Passport™ profile is simple and easy:

1. Firstly, one of our trained Clinicians will carry out a COVID-19 test on the individual.
2. Following the test, the clinician will provide a unique ID for the user of the V-Health Passport™.
3. If negative, the result of the test will provide validity to the individual thanks to our easy-to-follow system – see below for more information.
4. As time passes, the user’s information on the health passport will update according to the grading system.

What is the V-Health Passport™ grading system?

Upon initial confirmation of being negative for COVID-19, the V-Health Passport™ user will be issued a green traffic light rating. The green traffic light indicates that the user is symptom-free and that the test has been completed recently.

As time passes, the user’s traffic rating will change from green to amber, and then to red; this is to signal that the individuals Vhealth Passport is now no longer valid.

Once a user reaches red on their V-Health Passport™ profile, it’s time for another test to revalidate their covis status. This frequent testing system ensures that the passport is a reliable resource for employers the majority of the time.

There will also be a blue rating – this indicates a pending result.

The validation will be two weeks or less, depending on the client’s requirements. And the application of the passport user. E.g. for front line workers or clinical staff, such as dentists, validation period is likely to be once per week to ensure regular testing, due to their increased exposure compared to other professions.

Will the data stored be secure?

Yes – all of the user data will be stored safely and compliant with the latest GDPR laws. Not only this, but users will also be able to create a passcode in order to increase the security surrounding their data. The Vhealth Passport uses the VCode technology which is the most secure scannable code currently available. Adopted in high level cyber security uses, the VCode out performs the often used QR code in all areas.

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