Genetic Health Profiling

Cancer, cardiac and genetic profiling

Whether employees are interested in learning more about their long-term health, or how to improve energy levels, our range of tests can help.
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Why should people use genetic profiling?

It’s estimated that over 20% of the average human life will be spent in poor health — preventable diseases are the main cause of this. The health industry can be overrun with misinformation and it can be hard to know where to start. We want to take the guesswork out of managing employee health, and that starts at home.

With regular health checks, employees can understand what’s happening inside the body, the impact their lifestyle is having, and what can be done to make them feel at their best.

of chronic diseases are preventable
years of our life will be spent in poor health

Choose the test

A finger-prick blood test can measure a range of factors that affect longevity (long-term health) — like your nutrient levels. You can also understand your risk of developing conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, and type 2 diabetes as well as monitor thyroid function and hormones.

Provide further information

Answer a few questions to see what blood tests we recommend to help reduce fatigue. Find out what's happening inside the body with a home blood test and GP advice. Understand how lifestyle habits and results are affecting energy with health scores.

Improve health

Understand the body, learn what works, and stay on top of health. Re-test to monitor changes and improvements over time.

General Health

Heart, liver and general health via blood tests and GP advice.


Employees can test if they might have PCOS and monitor this condition with a home blood test and GP-reviewed results.

Thyroid Health

Using an at home finger-prick blood test, measure your thyroid function and learn if a thyroid disorder is affecting your energy, weight, mood, sleep, or skin.

Fertility Insights

Get insights into your fertility and prepare for pregnancy with a home blood test and GP advice.

Uric Acid Test

Monitor your joint and kidney health using a home blood test if you’ve been diagnosed with gout.

Women’s hormones

Check hormonal balance with a home blood test and GP-reviewed results.