3-Stage CoviSafe™ verification process

Sustainable Return To Work Business Protection Plan

As we start to see the downtrend of the first wave of the 2019 Coronavirus, June 2020 will see most UK businesses focus on getting ‘back-to-work’ following the Covid-19 lockdown. Like the majority of UK businesses, you are likely looking for the safest and most sustainable processes to allow your employees to get back to work without the risk of infection.

Where work cannot be completed at home, the UK government are now encouraging people to return to the workplace, providing it is possible to follow infection control guidelines. As part of these guidelines, the government is insisting that all businesses with more than 5 employees complete a Covid-19 Specific Risk Assessment. The Latus Health 3-stage CoviSafe verification process has been developed in co-ordination with industry experts in safety auditing, health testing and employee safety.

Latus Health verification of your Covid-19 specific risk assessment against government guidelines will ensure infection risks are minimised so your business can thrive through the next phase of Covid-19 and be ready for the anticipated 2nd Wave.


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What will I learn?

  • Introduction / Why do you need Face Fit Testing

  • Types of face piece /mask

  • Who should carry out the testing / train the tester

  • What should you wear / adequate & suitable clothing

  • What are you protecting yourself from

  • Quantitive methods from theory to practise
  • Qualitative methods from theory to practise
  • Filter types
  • Pre use in specification & check
  • Maintenance & cleaning
  • Environment for testing
  • Testing protocol
  • Break down of test
  • Summary

”Latus Health supported us with the Mask Fit Testing requirements at our busy Dental Clinics.
From our first contact with Oliver through to our training with Andrew, we felt supported, in control and that our business needs were understood.
The standard of customer service and the quality of the training were exemplary and the training was designed and delivered around our business and delivered at a time that suited us.
We are very happy to recommend this friendly and efficient company to all our colleagues”

Deborah Parker | Practice ManagerLinks Orthodontics