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Be Your Own Decorator

By 2nd January 2019 No Comments

People who personalise their workspaces are not only more productive. They’re actually going to like their organisation more, they’re going to be more loyal to it, and potentially less likely to quit.

When people have some autonomy in decorating their workplaces, they feel a sense of ownership and identify with it. They identify with space and become more invested in doing a good job.

Rather than being distractions, photos, doodads, and other personal touches, in fact, help people work better and feel happier at work.

As a suggestion giving employees a small budget, so that they can use to customise their workspaces.

These are only a few of the data-driven practices that have been shown to increase productivity in the workplace. All of them can be worked into any budget; they don’t need to cost a lot. And the returns, as science shows, are more than worthwhile.

These things organisations can do to boost workplace productivity may be small, but they can have a big impact.