Your customers deserve the best service and you deserve the rewards… Become a covid test travel affiliate today!

The Covi Test Affiliate Programme allows you to refer your customers to the UK Government Approved, Covid Test testing service for their compulsory Covid-19 testing. Becoming a partner ensures you are signposting your customers to a test provider you can trust, and you can reap the referral rewards in return.

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What will we be offering?

Covi Test affiliate partners reap the benefits of referring customers for their compulsory Covid-19 PCR tests as a bolt-on to their usual travel and holiday packages. All travellers will need to show a negative Covid-19 test certificate before flying, as well as booking a test on days 2 & 8 on arrival to the UK for the foreseeable (it is currently required by UK Law to book your tests before arriving in the UK).

The PCR tests included through our Covi Test affiliate partner program are:

  • `Fit to Travel` PCR tests
  • `Day 2 & 8 Arrivals` Compulsory PCR tests
  • `Test to Release` PCR tests

Based on the 10% referral bonus, our affiliates are generating referral revenue of between £17.50 and £47.50 per flight sold.

Our PCR travel testing service is conducted by our world leading UKAS accredited laboratory and is approved by the Department of Health & Social Care. Our tests are ideal for customers obligated to prove a negative test result before travelling and for all customers arriving in the UK.

What are the key benefits of becoming a partner?

  1. You can now offer a complete travel booking service to your customers – including covid testing

  2. Your customers will benefit from great savings when booking their tests with Covi Test – our days 2 & 8 compulsory test package is £35 cheaper than the one provided by the NHS. You’ll be saving your customers money and increasing your own revenue – everybody wins!

  3. You’ll have the peace of mind that you are directing your customers to a fast, reliable test provider.

  4. You’ll receive a 10% referral bonus on all tests purchased via your unique referral link.

What is the earning potential?

Here are some examples of how much other Covi Test Affiliates earn each week, depending on the number of flights they have sold. See whereabouts you would sit in terms of the number of weekly flights (voyages/coach trips) you sell, so you can see what you will be earning when you become an affiliate…

Example A

20 flights per week

Affiliate Bonus Fee:


/per week
Example B

50 flights per week

Affiliate Bonus Fee:


/per week

Example C

100 flights per week

Affiliate Bonus Fee:


/per week
Example D

1000 flights per week

Affiliate Bonus Fee:


/per week
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How do I complete my sign-up?

There’s a couple more steps until you’ve completed your sign-up, but we’ll only keep you a minute!

  1. Click ‘sign up’ and fill in the form to let us know you’ve accepted your invitation to join the team of brilliant, high-earning travel agents who are now our affiliate partners.
  2. You’ll then receive an email that allows you to log in to your dashboard. Once there you can plug in the details of your bank account (so we can send your referral bonuses across) and it’ll also fill you in on the terms & conditions of our affiliate program. Your personal details will be stored and handled under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
  3. Once you’ve returned your forms, we’ll send you a unique affiliate link.
  4. …And you’re ready to go! You can use our private PCR Covid testing service as a bolt-on to your package holiday deals, and upsell it as an extra as you’re booking your travel customers in. Or, you can add your affiliate link to your agency’s website at a suitable point during the customer’s online booking journey.

Who will I be teaming up with?

You will be an affiliate partner of Latus Health, whose Covid-19 testing services are approved and regulated by Department of Health & Social Care. We are proud to be one of the leading providers of covid-19 testing services, approved to deliver all covid-19 tests for travel throughout the UK.

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Who else is on the team?

We currently work with a number of travel agencies and freelance travel agents who are benefitting from being part of our affiliate program, so you’ll be in the best of company!

Our in-house sales and service delivery team have been working on covid testing projects since the start of the pandemic. Our team has great knowledge and experience in this field and are only a phone call away to give you and your customers advice, or answer any questions you may have.

So, are you ready to offer your customers what they deserve – affordable, reliable covid-19 tests with a quick turnaround?

Start your PCR testing affiliate journey today.


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