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7 Reasons Why You Should Exercise in the Morning

By 20th February 2019 No Comments

1. You can accomplish absolutely nothing else the rest of the day and still feel accomplished with exercise.

 Because you already exercised and ran pretty much, 3km. Isn’t that enough?!

2. You might actually want to eat healthy stuff afterward.

You started the day on such a good foot that the salad bar at the cafeteria might start to seem appealing (especially if it’s fresh mozzarella day).

3. You’ll eventually get a better workout than you would later in the day. 

Technically, your body is wired to perform at its peak in mid-afternoon. But things like, oh, work can get in the way of workouts at that time. When you make exercise a regular part of your a.m. routine, though you’ll be less likely to skip it for other obligations. (Your friend will pretty much never move her birthday party to 7 a.m.) And once you get used to moving first thing in the morning, studies suggest that the body adjusts and might even surpass its afternoon performance peak.

4. You’ll feel less stressed when you get to work.

And feel better about working late. People who exercise regularly report feeling more empowered and all around better about their work-life balance.

5. Bragging rights.

You can say things like, “I saw the funniest thing at the gym this morning!” Then watch jaws drop.

6. Caffeine can fuel your workouts, and you drink coffee in the morning anyway.

Research suggests that consuming caffeine before a workout can boost speed, endurance, and overall workout quality. Drinking a cup of coffee before exercising can help you burn more calories when your workout is done. Of course, drinking too much could give you the wrong kind of runs (and won’t improve your performance), so don’t overdo it.

7. You’ll stoke your appetite for breakfast.

Studies show that eating breakfast inspires people to make better choices all day. Take that, breakfast-haters.

8. You’ll have nothing to dread the rest of the day.

Things are only getting better. And less sweaty!


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