The Most Customer Focused Occupational Health Company in the UK

The Most Customer Focused Occupational Health Company in the UK

Why we are different...

Our Vision

We’re on a mission to revolutionise the employer mind-set towards health at work. Our aim is to help companies to think about how they can improve employee health at work, not simply preserve it. We have the expertise, experience and resources to plan and execute on a best-in-class health programme for you.

LATUS Health provides a full spectrum of occupational health services to keep your business protected and fit for work, as well as bespoke employee wellbeing programmes to improve mental and physical health in order to increase resilience and performance at work.

We are 100% customer focused; Providing for your specific company needs, delivering you the services you require at timescales to suit you, prioritising quick response times and great communication to support you with all areas of employee health & wellbeing.

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Our Services

Getting the right services in place can greatly improve the wellbeing of your employees and their working environment

Health Surveillance

Our health surveillance services are tailored to support your business’s specific needs regarding employee health checks. Whether you simply require our services as a supplement to your company’s existing occupational health department, an ad hoc screening process, or you require us to be your principal occupational health provider, our team will provide anything you need.


Mental Health Training

While most employers take steps towards protecting employee’s physical health, the mental health of staff can often be overlooked. With Latus Health’s Mental Health First Aid Programme, employers can gain valuable insight into how to recognise when employees are struggling with mental health issues and how to deal with the situation effectively and compassionately. Mental health stigmas could be holding your staff back, so our programme utilises presentations and group exercises to offer your staff support in their time of need.


Management Referral

Our management referrals can be the key to making sure employee absences remain at a minimum.  Ensure your business activities aren’t interrupted for too long by speeding up an employee’s transition back into the workplace after they have been absent. Protect your business and prepare it for future incidents with a management referral from our experts.


Face Fit Testing

Fit testing is a method for checking that a specific model and size of tight- fitting face piece matches the wearer’s facial features and seals adequately to the wearer’s face. The performance of tight-fitting face pieces depends on achieving a good contact between the wearer’s skin and the face seal of the face piece. Inadequate fit will significantly reduce the protection provided to the wearer. Any reduction in protection may lead to immediate or long term ill health or can even put the RPE wearer’s life in danger.




Improving employee wellbeing is a multifaceted element of running a business, which is why we’ve made it simple with our industry-first wellbeing app and bespoke employee wellbeing programmes. With an effective wellbeing programme in place, you can reduce staff turnover, improve your business’s reputation and boost staff productivity.


Bespoke Services

  • Face Fit Testing
  • Pre-shift warm up programme
  • Manual Handling Training, Design of safe handling procedures and techniques
  • Immunisations and Vaccination, protect employees and customers
  • Ergonomic, biomechanical analysis of job roles to identify risk factors
  • The filming and production of a company/facility/job role specific safe handling induction video


Our Work


Holiday home manufacturer

Willerby Holiday Homes needed a comprehensive surveillance and management referrals service to replace an under performing system. Particular emphasis was placed on improving the speed and quality of the reporting, plus increasing efficiency by reducing missed appointments.


Caravan manufacturer

Utilising the latest health surveillance technology, we were able to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and tracking of Swift's health surveillance programme.

Groupe Atlantic

HVAC company

Groupe Atlantic overhauled their production processes and we supported in ensuring this was done in an ergonomically safe manner.

Our Clients

Our 5 Star Reviews

What our Clients Think

We strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction in everything we do as a team as an Occupational Health provider.

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